Empowering Hawaii with long term, affordable, and renewable energy production.

  • Off Grid Living

    Off Grid Living
    Stand alone off grid farmstead cabin on Hamauka Coast, Hawaii Island.

  • Solar Rayetor

    Solar Rayetor
    Solar generator powering the Puna Music Festival

  • 418.6

    Fern Acres 2013

  • 740watt Stand Alone, Hamakua Coast

    740watt Stand Alone, Hamakua Coast
    740watt Stnad Alone System on the Hamakua Coast of Hawaii

  • 4160 watts Fern Acres

    4160 watts Fern Acres
    4160 watt Grid Tie Solar System in Fern Acres

  • 1560watt Solar System near Honoka'a

    1560watt Solar System near Honoka'a
    1560watt Stand Alone (Off-Grid) Solar System near Honoka'a, Hawaii

  • 6660watts Leilani Estates

    6660watts Leilani Estates
    6660watt Grid-Tie with HELCO Solar System in Leilani Estates, Pahoa, Hawaii

  • Strong Calf Muscles...Caution Steep Grade

    Strong Calf Muscles...Caution Steep Grade
    3180watt Grid-Tie in HPP

  • 5300watt Grid-Tie Leilani Estates

    5300watt Grid-Tie Leilani Estates
    Solar Electric Grid-Tie in Pahoa, Hawaii

  • 9.54 Grid-Tie HPP

    9.54 Grid-Tie HPP
    9.54kW Grid-Tie Solar System in HPP

  • Solarayetor at Puna Music Fest 2014

    Solarayetor at Puna Music Fest 2014

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  • Installation


    We install everything from stand alone solar power systems and components to turn-key grid-connected systems. We are fully licensed (C-32127), bonded, and insured in the State of Hawaii.

  • Design


    We over twenty years of experience in sustainability. We can custom engineer solar systems depending on need. Our custom designed systems range from residential water heater solar to full commercial installations.

  • Service


    We provide continued support and service for all of our installations. We also service problems with existing systems, whether we did the installation or not. Our services range from simple wiring to full panel replacement.

  • Products


    We take pride in providing you with quality products. We are authorized dealers/distributors for the companies listed in the next section. We are also direct factory representatives for many of the product lines we sell.

Recent work

  • US Battery Authorized Distributor

    US Battery Authorized Distributor

    Our batteries have Xtreme thick plates with (XC Diamond Plate Technology) added to them. They have been designed for hours of heavy discharge each day, followed by a fast recharge during the daylight hours. Very few batteries can take the grueling deep discharge-recharge cycle every day for long periods of time. U.S. Battery has proven time and time again that our solar battery line can stand up to this type of battery torture day in and day out for years to come. When you demand reliable energy storage count on U.S. Battery every time!

  • SamLex Authorized dealer

    SamLex Authorized dealer

    Samlex is your complete source for commercial, industrial and consumer power conversion products. Innovative product design, strict quality control, as well as responsible before and after sales service provide customers with superior power conversion products at extremely competitive prices.

  • Trane Authorized dealer

    Trane Authorized dealer

    Every Trane product is designed down to every detail and rigorously tested for reliability and durability. While other manufacturers build their products from the same “pool” of parts available to anyone, they make it a point to be uniquely better, innovative and always looking to the future. To do that, they have to design, build, test, and rebuild some of their own parts. Trane knows they work because they push them well beyond the industry standards, making sure they match the reliability people expect when they own a Trane.

  • TriMetric Battery Monitoring Kits

    TriMetric Battery Monitoring Kits

    *“Percent Full” (“State of charge”) of your batteries, so you can see if you need to charge them more, or check that overall usage is less than your charging resources.
    *Volts of the batteries, for example to check that they are being charged at proper voltage
    *Energy going in, or out of your batteries, measured in Amps or Watts, so you can see that your charging sources are charging properly, or how much current your loads are using..
    *How many days since the batteries were fully charged: to remind you to not wait too long between fully charging your batteries to maximize their life.